Menu Pricing

General Maintenance

This includes speeding up your computer, removing minor viruses, installing new printers
installing Anti-Virus and other software, removing pop-ups and similar work

On site (inc call out) £40 per hour
Jobs that will exceed 2 hours are normally done off site if possible to minimise costs,
off site rate £25 per hour


Set up new modem router or Wireless Router or new internet connection £40 (excluding any parts required),
the broadband user name and password will be required before the connection can be made

Printer and File sharing

You could have a home network so all the computers in your home can share files
and printers wih each other

Set up File and Printer sharing for 2 computers and 1 printer,
£40 for computers with windows 7. 8 or 10, if more than 2 computers
are required to share there is an additional charge of £20 per computer.


Memory and system upgrades


Virus Removal

£60 including installation of a reliable antivirus program, if the virus is so severe that it involes
a full hard drive format and re-installation of all the software see the next section.

Re-installing operating system and other software

The cost for formatting a hard drive and re-installing the operating system with updates, device drivers,
office software and antivirus is £80,
however if a large amount of data needs to be backed up first there is an additional charge of £30



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